Senior girl dating freshman boy college Point: The Freshman-Senior Dating Dynamic: A Bad Romance?

Senior girl dating freshman boy college

I like to think I would respect any girl as much as her, but I do look up to her for being older.

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Remind him of his morals and consequences and taking things slow. Although it's a little different than the norm, I know many freshman girls who have gone out with senior boys and no one seems to think anything of it although my dd never did in h.

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What would your son think of this? It would be pretty big news if any mainstream senior dated a freshman.

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Chances are from my experience that you won't mess anything up. Of course most senior-freshman hook-ups are consensual. There are some of those kind in my school, and it seems odd to me and most of my friends, but there are a few that don't seem to find it odd.

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But that didn't stop her from letting me get closer to her than most people; that didn't stop us from being friends.

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A one-year difference might as well have been a seven-year span, which is why the older boys looked so much wiser and more sophisticated than the boys our own age with acne.

I wouldn't count on the fact your son is not seeing this girl outside school.

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Don't be so certain that they have no chance to be alone. User Name Remember Me? Older girls with younger guys doesn't make a lot of sense to me at that age. Lots of Questions I had a dad like that As a senior I dated a freshmen She has never called, come over, etc. Will he want to discuss it as I get the feeling you would like to do?

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It doesn't bother me that the girls are way too blind to see that those senior guys only want one thing So see senior girl dating freshman boy college I mean? Who knows what will happen to these couples?

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Again, this depends on the girl, of course. I guess it depends on the person. I have met her and she's a nice gal but too old for my kid in my opinion!

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I refuse to believe that the exceedingly large number of senior boy-freshman girl hook-ups is due to interpersonal dating a musician rules. Your son is thrilled to have an "older woman" interested in him and probably teaching him a thing or two. Speak to her whenever she is around and let her get the message you are more on the strict side.

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I want to ask him about it tonight but I'm not sure how to handle it. Senior girl with my freshman son I'm not sure how well this applies to your situation, but I just figured I'd dating a psychopath test, because it might be helpful.

We are skeptical that healthy sexual interactions can be built on crooked foundations. January edited February in High School Life.

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